In 2019, from the union of the concerns shared between ASSITEJ Spain and TTP – Professional Association of Theater for All Audiences of Catalonia, the first Conference on Dramaturgy for Children and Youth arose, held at Sala Beckett in Barcelona. Given the success of its first edition and the conclusions raised by the professionals at the time, the need to give them continuity on an annual basis becomes clear, as well as to make an appeal to other entities and institutions that maintain lines of work linked to performing arts aimed at children and young people.

The holding of the second Conference at the Escuela Navarra de Teatro in Pamplona was confirmation of the need for this meeting forum and has opened up the possibility of its growth by linking it with other associations and institutions throughout the national territory.

The celebration of the III Conference hosted by the National Dramatic Center in Madrid supposes the consolidation of a reference appointment around theatrical writing and the possibility of amplifying its impact towards the international arena.

We propose an ambitious program with which to delve into the fundamentals of dramaturgy for young people, girls and boys, which will be held coinciding with the presentation of the second edition of Nuevos Dramáticos. The creation program with and for children of the National Drama Center.

A great opportunity to reflect on playwriting for children and young people and their opportunities for participation; the relationship between the professionals and the public they address; the dissemination of creation aimed at boys and girls; the connection of the performing arts with other fields, etc.

The III Conference is organized by three entities (ASSITEJ Spain, Unima Spain and the TTP) from different fields whose mission places the figure of children and young people at the center. A joint effort to defend the right of access to art for children and youth and their importance as a public in need of proposals of high artistic quality.

Playwriting for children and youth, a fundamental pillar in theatrical creation for young audiences, does not always find the artistic recognition it deserves. However, for a few years, thanks to the work of authors, companies and associations, an exploration of new artistic languages and tools has been developing that is revitalizing the performing arts aimed at young viewers.

The nature of the public to which these works are directed makes a commitment necessary to put an end to childishness and didacticism, proposing proposals of artistic quality.

The meeting and dialogue between playwrights and playwrights, companies and other agents in the sector is a magnificent opportunity for the creation of knowledge, the exchange and the development of quality proposals.

4 days of conferences and workshops with specialists and professionals of recognized prestige.

Creation of a space for debate, analysis and reflection that can serve as a meeting point for an initiative with continuity over time, which can become a benchmark within the sector, both nationally and internationally.

Opening to the internationalization of dramatic creation for children and young people in our country.


National Dramatic Center (Madrid)

This year we have the support and complicity of the National Dramatic Center (CDN), which, under the direction of Alfredo Sanzol, has set itself the mission of promoting, revising and disseminating contemporary Spanish theater in any of the official languages of the State, the dissemination of the universal dramatic repertoire and the promotion and development of scenic languages, with the collaboration of creators from all performing disciplines. All this under the principles of quality of service to citizens, excellence in professional performance, the participation of interest groups and the efficient use of resources.

After passing through the II Conference in which they brought us their project new dramatic, The National Dramatic Center offers to host this new edition, aligned in the search for the quality of creation aimed at the youngest and in the commitment to quality contemporary creation.

A great opportunity for this forum in which to make visible the importance of creation aimed at children and young people and to consolidate this unique proposal by providing it with a frame of reference.

The CDN thus becomes this year a co-organizing entity providing the space, the infrastructures and the technical team and participating in the creation of the programming and the selection of the guests.


The "I am" of the character and the mother image in scriptural explorations for childhoods

Blanca Felipe Rivero (Cuba)

From the question Where do we write from? Seek to give voice and presence to children in writing exercises based on chance chains of actions and explorations of sensory areas for the birth of characters and their possible stories, supported by basic crafts with neutral materials such as: paper, cardboard, string , adhesive and others.

The object in scene and its dramatic essence.
TOPIC. International Puppet Center of Tolosa.

The workshop is presented as a practical proposal, for professionals belonging to various fields of the Performing Arts, delving into the dramaturgy of the Theater of Objects and Puppets. We will aim to analyze and put into practice different examples of professional companies that employ various manipulation techniques to build new forms of theatrical and visual dramaturgy. The manipulation of puppets will be worked on as well as the manipulation of objects. We will pay special attention to the body, the disposition of the puppet/object and the relationship of both in the scene.

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